Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

So.. my birthday was this past weekend and I really had a great weekend. It's funny how your birthdays change when you get older, but change is good! Friday we got to go out with some of our close friends for mexican and it was good times. On Saturday we were going to head straight home for the weekend but we decided to go to the Safari Park on the way in. If you've never been, it involves driving through wildlife and feeding animals through your window. I know it may not sound exciting, but it's actually pretty fun especially for an animal lover such as I. We ended up meeting my sister, her husband, and my niece after we drove through and we walked around with them to see some of the animals that were in cages.

The animals literally just hang out in the road while you're driving through. They know cars mean buckets, and buckets mean food.

This would be a watusi in the road. A rather large horned animal that makes it difficult to get by.

Us feeding some animals...

I eat yo buckets fo' breakfast

Me and my niece hanging out in the atrium.

Lillian and uncle Case checking out a bird.

After that we went in to stay with my parents Saturday night and went to visit Casey's parents for awhile. We ended up coming back our way on Sunday for dinner and just hanging out the rest of the day on my actual birthday. Overall it was a pretty good weekend. Casey and my sister must've been listening to me when I was telling them about the bath and body store Lush that I visited in Hawaii, b/c they both ordered me some Lush stuff which I love. Casey's mom got me a Joy of Cooking book which I can't wait to sit down and look at =) These people must know me well or something. My parents, Casey's parents, and Casey also contributed towards getting my puppy. Mr. Tuck comes home tomorrow with Casey. I'm so excited! Casey is taking half a day tomorrow to go to NC to get him. I hope we're prepared for a puppy. Guess I'll find out this time tomorrow night. Here's a picture of Tuck, he's 12 weeks old and looks adorable. Can't wait to meet him tomorrow.