Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wedding Video is here!

We weren't expecting it anytime soon but we actually got our copies on Friday. We were fortunate that our videographers were in the area on Friday and we just waited downtown a little bit after work and met them instead of having to wait for them to arrive in the mail. We are very pleased with our video! I was telling Casey earlier that the video really brings back the emotion of the day unlike pictures. I love our pictures, but I would recommend any bride get a videographer. There are things that pictures just can't capture. One picture I was upset that I didn't get was Casey's face as I was coming down the aisle, but it got caught on video. We also got a highlight reel that is apart of our video. We actually got this clip earlier in the week and it's awesome because the 3 minutes of the reel really does capture our entire day.

This weekend has been really relaxing so far. Friday night we got Mexican with Kara and Brandon. One of our favorite couples! If you haven't noticed we go out to Mexican a lot. It's what we do. We especially go a lot now that this awesome place has opened up downtown with a salsa bar. After we met them for dinner we came back and rented The Other Boelyn Girl, which I didn't finish until this morning. We haven't been going out a lot since Tuck has came into our lives but that'll be a whole separate blog post =)

One of our friends is actually staying over tonight as well. We met him in college and he was also the DJ at our wedding. The reason he's in the area is to DJ my day of coordinator's daughter's wedding. Apparently she was impressed with him at my wedding and hired him on the spot. We thought he did an awesome job as well so we're glad he got to come over for another wedding. Plus it's nice to seem him every now and then as long as it's not too frequent.... haha just kidding

Tomorrow looks like there's going to be some thank you note writing going on. We really planned on having these out by last week but Tuck kind of turned our week upside down, so hopefully we can finish them tomorrow. We also want to finish sorting through our photos tomorrow so that we can begin to order photo books. Dress still needs to be preserved as well... does this wedding stuff have an end?