Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

I have definitely been MIA for awhile, but I figured my whole house buying post might explain a lot of the absence. We've definitely been busy the past couple of weeks, but it's a good kind of busy. Casey and I really enjoy doing stuff around the house and we're getting more and more settled. As I complete rooms I'll post pictures and so far the first completed room is our bedroom.

A lot of these pictures were taken in awful lighting, but hopefully you can get the idea. These are the before pictures of the room. You can see the swatches on the wall. I've always wanted a dark gray room, but dark colors can be a slippery slope so we definitely took our time in the painting department and ironically enough didn't use any of those colors.

Another before picture facing the windows.

An after picture. We had no lighting at all upstairs so we had to get lighting/ceilling fans wired in all of the bedrooms. We ended up going with Benjamin Moore's Timberwolf for the wall color and we finally upgraded our falling apart full bedroom suit to this one.

This is facing the windows. We hung shelves up with a couple of black and white frames on the wall to the right and we ordered thermal white panels to go on the windows.

Facing the left wall. We hung an anniversary print to the left and to the right is a seaside print that I ordered from Etsy.

This is facing the back of the room. Our close is to the right and our bathroom is to the left.

I have before and afters of our closet as well. Apparently when this house was built boards were nailed to the drywall and these shelves were mounted to them and then painted over. We didn't feel like these shelves were utilizing the closet space very well so we ripped them out. Ripping out boards attached to the wall led to a bunch of holes in our wall, which led to a bunch of patching. Once we patched, we had to paint... When you give a mouse a cookie.

This is the closet painted and with the Rubbermaid shelving system that we installed.

This is the closet with our clothes and shoe racks inside.

We still are going to install a couple of shelves above the nook where our clothes hamper is to the left.

Thanks for looking :)