Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Observations..

Observation #1:

On the way home from work there are 2 signs that say:

"LOST: Lil Black Palm"

I'm very tempted to draw this on the ad.

...but it might confuse the masses and the poor dog would have even worse luck of being returned to his interesting owners.

Observation #2:

Rihanna's new song is titled "Disturbia", not "Scurvy Love". Hypothetically, if I was the one that had been roaming around the house singing Scurvy Love all week, it would be a good thing that I had a husband who only let it go on for a week before he told me the right words.



Marissa said...

HAHAHA Renee, Please tell me that is not a serious story!! omg I love it.