Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding Pictures are here!

Finally! I got them on my lunchbreak on Monday which only gave me 20 minutes to go through 1,500 and some pictures. Needless to say, I didn't make a dent in my pictures and I managed to still be 10 minutes late for work during one of our busiest times of the year. I was very pleased with the amount of pictures, but the only thing I wasn't happy with was this big electrical pole that made an appearance in almost all of my family pictures. Casey promised me we could get it edited out, so I'm hoping that we can. We've been waiting for our pictures before we write our thank you notes because we wanted to send away for photo thank you cards. That's kind of bittersweet because I'm dreading writing all of those notes, but don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for all of our gifts. I'll post some pics later, my computer is busy uploading all of the images to Snapfish and it's taking fooooor e v. e. r.

In other news we've started the hunt for our first pet. If any of you know me, I don't do anything without researching it first. Our tv was researched by me and picked out by me and I'm not the one who spends the most time watching it. Casey just trusts that I do the research on anything that we buy so I guess that's good that he trusts me. Anyway, the point of the story is that I've been researching the breed of dog we would get for awhile now. When I say awhile, I mean 3 years I've wanted a shih tzu. We looked at them in the fall but decided that it wouldn't really be fair to a dog during the wedding planning process. Now we're actually ready to get one and for once in my life I can't think of a reason not to get a pet. The tough part is finding a breeder that I'm comfortable with. I would really like to rescue our next dog and hopefully I'll have better knowledge to deal with a rescue after we get our puppy. His informal name is Tuck, so hopefully we can bring him home soon.

The first breeder lady we went to visit had 14 (yes fourteen, and this does not include cats) dogs in her small ranch home. She seemed more concerned about getting the puppies out of her house instead of asking Casey and I about the kind of home we would be bringing the puppy into. I don't want to deal with someone who is just doing this for money and not looking into the homes they're giving their dogs to. She told us we would lose our 'pick' when we walked out the door, but that was perfectly fine with me. The puppy we looked at was adorable, but the puppy isn't everything and I really want to support someone who loves their dogs and cares about the homes they go into. We're currently talking to a lady from NC and she has two boys (which is what I want) but there's another lady coming to look at them. She may get one or two, but more than likely she will only get one. We get in contact with her again on Tuesday, so maybe I'll have some cute puppy pictures to show this time next week!

I'm going to end this post by introducing you to a friend of Casey's.

He despises this bird, it's actually a Christmas ornament. He told me how hideous he thought it was when we were in Pier One during an after sale. Of course I bought it without him seeing it after he told me that. Now it has a permanent residence on my dresser so that it can watch Casey at all times. At least once a week the bird somehow ends up on Casey's pillow (such as above) right before he's about to go to sleep. He threatens to break it and throw it out the window, but I think he secretly likes it. It's going to have the honorable spot of being in the middle of our Christmas tree this year if it doesn't get broken by then.