Monday, July 28, 2008

My Lull is Over

There has been this period of time after the wedding that I haven't had anything to do. All gifts are put away, payments are sent out, and honestly we just don't have any more wedding stuff to fill our time anymore (which is great). Now the pictures are back and we sent away for our thank you notes last night. So people, don't give up hope on us if you haven't received a thank you yet, they're on their way! We're also very close to getting a puppy which is exciting.

We went to meet another breeder on Sunday about an hour away from where we live. This was an interesting lady. She bred the puppies, first of all, to buy grass seed to put in her daughter's yard (which was a trailer that they had popped up in the backyard of their trailer). Then she proceeded to tell me that the dogs were really good and the only time one of them acted up she beat the dog and it never did it again. Ya think?!?! Poor dogs. I wish I could show you our faces after we were finished talking to her. She just kept repeating herself (if we heard the word Seminole one more time we probably would have pounded on her just a little bit). She also kept pushing us to put a deposit on these 2 week old puppies. By the time we left we were so turned off by her that we were getting to the point of being mad. Yes, the puppies were adorable, but when you buy from a breeder you have the lovely choice of seeing who you give your money to and who you could possibly be enabling to breed. Sorry lady, come up with another way to buy grass seed for your daughter's yard.

We have had a positive experience. There's a lady in NC that's approved by the American Shih Tzu Club and she has 2 males. She's been great to talk to so far, although Casey has done most of the talking. She has a friend coming to get one tomorrow and she's only getting one, so the other one is ours if we want it, and we do as long as everything else goes ok. We may not pick him up this weekend because it's my birthday and we might not be home a lot which probably isn't the best weekend to bring a puppy home. They will be 12 weeks old next Friday which would be a good age. Here's some pictures of the two boys that might possible be our new addition to our family:

They look a lot alike, but we'd love to have either one of them. This lady seems like she really cares about the dogs and raises them in a loving home. That's all I want! Anyway, Casey is supposed to call her tomorrow to see if everything is ok and to double check that her friend only took one puppy. As big of a process as this is, I can't imagine how it's going to be when I have a child.

We don't have a whole lot going on this week. It's budget season at work. Whoo. Which means that everyday is a busy day. I've recently put in for a job that really interests me and I hope to hear something about an interview. I put in for it late last week, so I'll see if anything comes of that in the next couple of weeks. Casey's job is going well. I think we're both settled and used to a normal job routine after a year out of college. We both have changed our work schedules to 7-3:30. It sucks having to get up, but I enjoy being there before everyone else gets there and it's sooo nice to leave early. We have more time to do stuff in the afternoon which is also really nice.

On our housing situation, we discussed this a lot last night and we decided to hold off on house hunting and sign another 6 month lease. We've been month to month since February and searching for a home with a realtor since January. We really want to be in a home, but we have some other things we would like to take care of before we take that jump. We really needed to make that decision because we're overpaying each month to go month to month. I'm definitely ok with the decision we made. We love our apartment and we're pretty settled here. A lot of our good friends live in this complex and it's very convenient to all of the things we need and the pool is not a bad bonus in the summer either...

I'll post a couple of wedding photos from our pro shots and our video should be here this week. That should be entertaining.