Thursday, February 12, 2009

30 Things

So, I'm sure we've all seen the '25 Random Things' note that has been floating around Facebook. I didn't know if I had 25 random thing that I could even think of, but it turns out I'm a very random person. I actually posted 30 because I wanted to be a non-conformist!

1. I'm a huge animal lover and am very passionate about that. I really want to get involved into fostering (dogs or cats) when Casey and I move into a house.

2. I'm very passive and I have a hard time standing up for myself. I try to let more assertive people rub off on me, but it doesn't work.

3. I don't claim to be a huge technology person, but I am extremely attached to my DVR, my tv, and my laptop.

4. The most relaxed I've ever been in my life was probably watching the sun set in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

5. I only crave sweet things for breakfast. I can't eat eggs, bacon, etc. until I've been awake for a very long time (usually around 11 or 12).

6. I've only had one car in my life. I realize how much I've grown up now that I could care less about having a nice or 'cool' car. I'm just so thankful that neither of us have car payments!

7. I'm an organizing nut and I love my labelmaker. I've already started to organize my pantry w/ tupperware and labels.

8. I think my grandma played an important part in helping me develop my love for cooking. I can distinctly remember her cracking open eggs and using her thumb to get all of the egg out of the shell b/c her mama taught her never to waste anything.

9. I love my dog more than a normal person should. I run late every morning b/c I love to crawl back into bed with him and snuggle.

10. Following along with #9, it's physically impossible for me to get up on time in the morning. You would be embarrassed to know what time I get up in relation to when I have to be at work. Luckily during college I mastered being able to shower, blowdry, get dressed, and put on makeup in like 10-15 minutes.

11. Tuck always thinks his butt is after him. For example if there is a loud sound he'll bite his butt like that's where the noise came from. I call him butt 90% of the time. Casey calls him face but I have no clue why. He probably has identity issues.

12. I dated my husband for 6.5 years before we got married. I haven't dated many people in my life b/c I've been with him since I was 16 and that's perfectly fine with me.

13. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be ready to be a mother. I'm pretty selfish with my time right now (I'm also only 23). I honestly think in my head when people tell me they're pregnant, "Did they just wake up one morning and decide they didn't want to sleep in for the rest of their life?!". Dramatic? Yes, but welcome to the way my brain works.

14. Casey and I carpool to work and when I take the car to lunch I forget where I parked 60% of the time. If we ever get a divorce it'll be over me forgetting where I parked the car.

15. I love my Uggs and don't care how ugly people think they are. Don't judge me until you've placed your bare foot into the soft innards of one of those boots.

16. If my dog doesn't like you for some reason, it makes me think twice b/c I think animals are a good judge of people.

17. I'm slightly claustrophobic. I'm currently searching for an endodontist that will knock me out to get my root canal b/c I freak out when I think about being held down in a chair for that long. I could care less about the drills or needles.

18. I take a bath almost every single day after work and read for awhile to unwind.

19. I am NOT a morning person. I do NOT like being talked to in the morning. Casey usually apologizes when he has to ask me a question in the morning b/c he knows how grouchy I am. I'm getting better though. We actually had a conversation this morning.

20. I can't wait to buy a home but I'll kind of miss being in our apartment. I took Tuck out yesterday and watched him run up to our neighbor and get his belly rubbed and then he ran up the steps and we ran into another neighbor and he was commenting on how he had learned to run up the steps (he used to not be able to do it). These people have kind of watched him grow up and that's cool to me.

21. I'm very close to my family and usually always talk to my mom or my sister every day.

22. I really want our next dog to be a pitbull and I can't stand the stigma people attach to that breed. I'm probably going to do an education post about them soon b/c they're so misunderstood and that makes me sad.

23. I guess along with #22, I really get irritated by people who have such strong opinions on things that they're uneducated about. It's ok to claim ignorance every now and then. I know I do.

24. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have a really hard time with God's plan for me. It amazes me that I can have so much faith in one week and in the same week completely have a breakdown about where my life is supposed to be going. I'm trying to work on this!

25. I'm such a lucky girl and I'm learning to know and appreciate this. I really couldn't ask for a better husband, family, and position in life (this is one of those weeks where my faith is good).

26. I really love hippos and I have a collection of stuffed hippos in my closet. Casey trys to show me the animal planet specials on how violent they are. That's one thing I like to claim ignorance on and I just change the channel.

27. I'm actually trying to gain a few pounds for the first time in my life. I don't think I'm thin by any means, but I've had to buy a couple of pairs of new pants that fit and I don't want to buy all new pants. I don't lose weight the healthy way. I'm a total stress weight loser and was down 13 lbs. in December. I'm unstressed and gaining it back now! I would much rather be my normal size and unstressed than a more ideal weight for the wrong reasons.

28. I despise change, but I'm fine once I get used to it. I've recently had some changes at work and at first I was a spaz about it, but I'm finally calming down and realizing that change can be good. In fact I spazzed the night before we left for our honeymoon b/c I didn't want to take the time off from work and get out of my routine to go to Hawaii! Weirdo alert!

29. I fall asleep to Friends almost every single night and Casey and I constantly quote it back and forth to each other.

30. I've grown to recognize certain homeless people downtown and some people in my building know them by name. The joys of working downtown.

There's my 30 random things. Love me or leave me =)


etta said...

We quote Friends all the time. I find myself quoting it to other people and they look at me like I'm a freak.

Kristi~Leigh said...

I can't believe how much we have in common. It is quite funny. I am always late, and a lot of the time it is because of the cats or dogs, or me oversleeping! John and I have been downtown a couple of times in the past week and I am curious if you might know about the lady with the purses? She had nice purses one week and not so nice purses the next. I kind of want to know about her. I think she has a purse fetish. And I wonder if she lives on the streets. #14 is hilarious. #8-I've never thought to do that! Ditto #22. People just don't get it. Oh, and I get emails from the SPCA since I volunteer there now, about fostering some of the dogs/cats. I wish I could, but I am never home. Have a great week!

Renee said...

That's awesome about you volunteering at the SPCA! I may have to get some info from you sometime.

And if this is the lady that sits on the bench near the market and asks for change, then I know exactly who you're talking about!